Organizing committee

Organizing Committee - Meet Our Leaders

The organizational committee plays a vital role in planning, organizing, and coordinating the entire conference. Their responsibilities include preparing the conference program, selecting the venue and schedule, choosing speakers, and providing the necessary equipment and technology for the event.

The committee is also responsible for ensuring that the event is conducted within the established budget, attracting a maximum number of participants, and providing them with adequate facilities and comfort during the conference. Therefore, their expertise, knowledge, and organizational skills are crucial in ensuring the success of the event.

Jan Blachowski
Natalia Suchorab-Matuszewska

Wrocław University of Science and Technology

Aleksandra Rzeszowska

Wrocław University of Science and Technology

Paweł Strzałkowski

Mining Science Commission
Polish Academy of Science
Wrocław Branch

Dominika Ciapka
Damian Kasza
Paulina Kujawa
Mateusz Szczęśniewicz
Aleksandra Banasiewicz
Aleksandra Szrek
Kinga Romańczukiewicz
Jarosław Wajs
Paweł Bęś
Michał Tympalski
Natalia Walerysiak